The West Bengal chief minister is not a member of parliament, but has been making news since she contested for the chairmanship of Trinamool Congress in 2021. Mamata Banerjee is an MP from Orangi, She is seen as a moderate leader of the party in the state that has seen some tough times in recent years. Mamata Banerjee is also known for her good working relationship with the central government in Bengal. This makes her a popular choice by many people in Bengal to be chairperson of Trinamool Congress.

However, this seat is held by the Left party which does not have an MP in the lower house. The fact that Mamata Banerjee chairperson is not a member of the lower house nor does she have any MP does not mean that she cannot become a member of the Trinamool Congress, and chairperson of the party. There is a way however, by
which she can do this. First, she needs to request for such a document from the secretary to the ministry of state. This will formallyise her chairmanship of the party in Bengal. She must ensure that the request is signed by the secretary.

Secondly, the Procedure of Addendum to Special clause is introduced. This clause is to be introduced by means of an article in the Bengal Register of Offices. Thereafter, the procedure is to be adopted by adopting unanimously adopted resolution. If the entire house agrees on the proposal then the motion is carried easily and will be formally authorised by the Speaker of the House.

Thirdly, according to the Information Act, 1970, any person can propose to the Secretary that the west Bengal chief minister may be Chairperson of the Trinamool Congress of India. Such a proposal must be made to the Secretary in writing. Such an intimation will be given to the Secretary that there are demands of the Bengal chief minister that she become the chairperson of the Congress of India. Then the Secretary will send a copy of the document with the demands to the Union of Associations of Indian Trade and Unions.

In this scenario, whether Mamata Banerjee would be chairperson of the Congress of India, the decision has already been taken at a conceptual and tactical level. Now it is the tactical and conceptual part which is to be solved. How will Mamata Banerjee play this game? Will she be playing games on both the sides? Will she be playing both ends at once? Will she be playing first at the national level and then playing second at the state level?

The second part is the more important one. Will Mamata Banerjee play the national and state card to her maximum advantage? Will she play both at the same time? If she does, then the opposition parties can be rest assured that she will become the chairperson of the Trinamool Congress of India at the earliest and without any need for any ground breaking compromises on either side.

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